South Korea. "As days go by"

This picture diary is a project, which has been done for a year from early December 2007 until early December 2008. By taking a daily picture for this project, I intend to illustrate my every day life here in Korea. Although different to other projects I have been working on, it is merely meant to be non-conceptual. Therefore, everyday I try to look for new things, which catch my eye. Consequently there are no restrictions in objects, lighting, colours and framing. Basically the diary is a very personal view on my surrounding environment and by the same time a platform, which allows me experiment.

The only limitation I came up with is the diary’s format. All the pictures are shoot as panoramic widescreens. It is a deliberate choice, as I encounter my surrounding often as a filmic image due to my passion for film. Also I think of cinematography and photography being very much entwined. Therefore I look at the images of my photo diary much more as film stills, rather than them being solitary photographs.