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2014_06_16_MKIII_001_650pxThe design started with expressing the brand’s identity. With this in mind, the designer Will Craig (Discursive Form) in collaboration with Seoul based architects and planners Zabel & Partner chose concrete and tiles as the major finishing materials and eliminated vast amounts of decorative elements. The design of this restaurant and bar in Itaewon, Seoul, was finalised in May 2014. Check out some of the images here.


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The 19,375-square-foot retail experience, located in the bustling Gangnam shopping district, becomes the largest sport brand store in Korea. Consumers will find the best that Nike has to offer, including Running, Football and Sportswear products. The design of Nike Gangnam embraces local connections while staying true to Nike’s rich heritage. The two-story façade sports an awning with a 26-degree angle, the same geometry that’s seen on Nike’s classic outerwear, the Nike Windrunner. Inside, the store has three levels and a 24-foot chrome chandelier. This stunning centerpiece, made from Nike running, basketball and football products, pays homage to Nike’s innovations.

The designer Will Craig (Discursive Form) was commissioned by Nike for the lighting design of this store. Check out some of the images here.


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A big shout out for Art Center Nabi for setting up a memorable event! Nabi’s “7th encounter” titled “Gol, Alleys and Cities” with Robert Fouser and Nils Clauss was held on the rooftop of SK Building on the 36th floor last Thursday. With nearly 200 people participating, the interest in the talk was tremendous. Thanks a lot to the head of the creative team, curator Jaewon Choi, and also Yoonseo Kim for their great support and ideas for making this a very special night.

(Photo: 이상주)

Music Video of the Year. RUNNER UP

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Great News! The music video MOONCHILD for M83 has been selected as one of the 5 RUNNER-UP videos for the Genero Music Video of the year 2013.

A young girl dreams of going into outer space. When she finally gets there she zaps the evil aliens into a peaceful groove with her ray gun. Follow this link, in order to check out this music video by Nils Clauss and Neil Dowling.


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With the kind support of ART CENTER NABI Nils Clauss is invited to present some of his recent photography and video work in a talk. The lecture will be open to public and takes place at ART CENTER NABI on Thursday, 2014.06.12 at 7:30pm on the 36th floor of SK Building. Attendees are requested to gather at ART CENTER NABI on 4th floor to be transferred from there to the rooftop on the 36th floor. Participants are also advised to apply via email prior to the event: webmaster@nabi.or.kr

Directions: ART CENTER NABI, 4th floor SK Building, 26, Jongro, Jongnogu, Seoul, Korea


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Skating with the Guys. A female hockey player from South Korea describes what it takes to complete. The film was a collaboration between UIC Yonsei University and filmmakers Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs. Big thanks to the The Atlantic for featuring the CHOA video. Check out the film here.

HERR. Barber Shop

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Established in the winter of 2013, HERR hopes to create an environment for men wanting to release their dapper potential that was less sterile than a unisex salon but still used highly skilled stylists to deliver the finest and latest haircuts. A stylish and welcoming haven for a modern gentleman to take the time to relax, have a beer or whisky and build a relationship with his barber. Nils Clauss was invited to document this unique location in Seoul. Please follow this link in order to check out the photographs.

DIRECTORS NOTES on Translating Furniture

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The film blog DIRECTORS NOTES features an in-depth article on TRANSLATING FURNITURE. The text is based on an interview with Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs for DIRECTORS NOTES. For more information follow this link.

TRANSLATING FURNITURE features the work of Korean artist Kwangho Lee, winner of the YÉOL Young Craftsman Award 2013. The film is a collaboration between Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs. Commissioned as a reflection of Kwangho’s talented work, this film provides a unique experience of a young boy discovering art and design.

BICYCLE PRINT . Interviewee photos

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2013_11_Bicycle Print_cover

BICYCLE PRINT is a quarterly magazine devoted to bicycle culture in and outside of Korea. For the 2nd issue of this beautifully designed print magazine, Nils Clauss photographed the Seoul based interviewees who contributed to the magazine. Follow this link to check out some images of E Jung Ban, Jaeoh Yoon, Xerome Lee, Bici Coffee, LSD Bike, Wansun Lee & Gyeongdong Cho. 

BICYCLE PRINT is sold in all major book stores in Seoul or can be purchased directly through Propaganda Press.


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The winner of the 2013 “YÉOL Young Craftsman Award” Lee Kwangho has made innovative products with creative interpretations of traditional materials. His furniture has been crafted out of lacquer coated bronze including original treatments of surface textures. His creations seem to strike the perfect balance between what is most functional and what is most beautiful.

In a short film Nils Clauss & Adam Hobbs pay homage to the work of Lee Kwangho. Please follow this link to take a look at these separate photographs Clauss took in order to document the “YÉOL Young Craftsman Award 2013″ project.