Posted on Dec 30, 2016


After each Lift-Off film festival screening, evaluation forms are handed out to the audience in order to evaluate each film. Then those sheets are sent to each participating filmmaker by the Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network. The above two sheets evaluated BIKINI WORDS at the London Lift-Off Film Festival and ironically show how hard it is to satisfy an audience as a filmmaker: One might hate a film, whereas someone else might love it.

Despite this I am happy to announce that BIKINI WORDS as the winner of the Best Short Documentary at the Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2016 and after having been screened at Lift-Off global film festival events in Tokyo, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney and London, is now nominated for the Lift-Off Season Awards 2016 as a Best Short Documentary Nominee.

At the end of every respective Lift-Off Season the Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network awards from the years programme the creatives behind the best of the indie film having been showcased.

The Lift-Off Season Awards 2016 will be hosted by Brain Jordan Alverez and Stephanie Koenig at Pinewood Studios in London on Friday, January 6th from 6.30 till late.

BIKINI WORDS focuses on new vocabulary, which evolved amongst factory workers during the rapid industrialisation of South Korea throughout the 1970s and 1980s in order to put names to the radically new aspects of their urbanised lives.